Blue Jeans

Van der Valk 33m Raised Pilothouse

MY Blue Jeans interior features a fusion of Northern European and Asian styles. Her owners have pushed the window of the possible on a yacht this size with remarkable lighting displays and a wide variety of materials. Guido de Groot Design went the extra mile to source the marbles, metals, woods and furniture required.

Highlights include liquid metal walls, copper accents and an exclusive use of reconstituted teak in small wooden trims for the walls and ceilings. The master stateroom features rare Lapis Lazuli Blue marble and other fine stones include Nero Marquina and Fior di Bosco in the dining area and White Carrara in the saloon.

The overall layout of Blue Jeans entirely reflects her owner’s preferences for everyday use within a multifunctional, multigenerational concept that is equally ideal for large groups on day trips and extended stays onboard involved in longer voyages.