About us

Guido de Groot Design was launched in 1997 and is based in Leiden, the oldest university town in Holland. The award-winning studio employs eight designers of varying nationalities and specializes in innovative interiors and exteriors for both luxury motor and sailing yachts. Through the years, the Guido de Groot's design office has evolved to the point that it works with some of the most prestigious shipyards worldwide. Many of the projects combine interior and exterior design and include sailing yachts, fast motor cruisers and more sedate displacement yachts. The Guido de Groot philosophy is to create high-quality designs, both interior and exterior, that should be appreciated for their purity and harmony. This philosophy can be seen in the stunning yachts that glide out from the studio.

Guido de Groot
Guido de Groot
Paulo Calado
Axel Balleur
Jacques van Adrichem
Ian Nisbett
Nikol Lebbink
Julien Cadro
Yohan Pereira
Anco Kok