Vanquish Superyachts

Vanquish Superyachts in the Netherlands has launched for what is set to be the world’s fastest aluminium superyacht with normal – albeit state-of-the-art – diesel engines. The very first VQ115 Veloce was commissioned by and developed with a repeat client who loves entertaining large groups of people. He also did so in true Vanquish style on a remarkable tri-deck powerboat that sets a blistering pace of 53 knots.

Design challenges

While all Vanquish boats are famously fast, this combination of length and knots posed such an extreme challenge that the entire design trajectory revolved around this issue. Studio Delta in the Netherlands is responsible for the naval architecture of the hull, working in tandem with Swedish company Petestep to optimise comfort and performance levels and increase efficiency by over 15% at top speeds.

Exterior designer Guido de Groot and his team have a relatively narrow hull on which to base their design. The engines are placed in a trapezium shape with the middle engine forward. Two gyro stabilisers enable the retention of another typical Vanquish characteristic – genuine comfort at all speeds – on this smart synthesis of a race boat and luxury yacht. An impressive range of up to 600 nm is possible when running on one or two engines, with an extra fuel tank available for cruising at lower speeds.

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