Raising the stakes with the all-new VQ68

The VQ world just got a little larger. These new designs have just been released for a 20-metre-plus machine ideal for those looking to up the ante size-wise. Vanquish expect the first of these big beasts to go into production in 2020 and are already in discussions with clients seeking to take even more toys and people out to play with them. Or just have lots of space for themselves!

The brand spanking new VQ68 is a direct response to market demands for larger dayboats and weekenders.

Together with the great minds at VQ Yachts Building, we ensured massive flexibility for custom options while retaining the superior VQ design language and hull. While the VQ68 has that instantly recognisable VQ silhouette and consistent VQ quality, it again proves that there’s no such thing as your average VQ.

The VQ68 will provide an enormous amount of al fresco real estate for lounging, lunching and lazing around. It includes an impressive dual garage concept – one on the side and one aft – to accommodate all the gear an owner might wish to have onboard, like Multiple tenders, jet skis, sail dinghies, surf boats…

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