An explorer like no other

Van der Valk Shipyard has received an order to build a fully custom 34-metre motoryacht. This all-new design and build has been ordered by repeat clients, members of a family who have been delighted with the quality of their previous motoryacht built by Van der Valk. They have returned to Van der Valk to leverage on the expertise acquired during this project and blend that with their enormous personal experience gained from building various motoryachts and owning many more. The highly sophisticated tri-deck explorer-type superyacht is slated for delivery in December 2021.

Challenging brief

Designer Guido de Groot describes the owner’s brief as both challenging and adventurous. “We had to start our design by taking into account the very specific interior requirements with respect to height and accessibility. Only once these parameters had been established on the GA could we embark on the exterior design, and the owners also had detailed aesthetic wishes here, too, including a high robust bow combined with soft curved lines. There really was no comparable reference point for an elegant explorer like this, which made this a very enjoyable project.”

Crucially, De Groot and his design team have also had to take into account the need for very clean looking exterior decks as well as the large aft deck, which in turn necessitated moving much of the superstructure volume forward, including the wheelhouse. “To ensure that the profile remained sleek and slim despite her height required adding a number of attractive design features,” he explains. “These include the transition of curved lines aft of the wheelhouse and the way the black line extends from the bow to the high dining room windows before dividing at the bulwark to head aft. We also created a darker ceiling where the TV domes and mast are located, and all these elements together make for a stylish overall look.”

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