A fleet like no other

As the Breedendam MTB fleet grows in terms of both builds and concepts, we created this image of how all the members of the Breedendam range might look if out on the water together. Using a blend of 3D modelling and artist’s impressions, it demonstrates the clear progression in the flow of lines over the years as well as the distinctive family look that is the hallmark of every Breedendam.

In the image we see the Fourzero Convertible, the Fourzero Hardtop, the Fivezero Hardtop, the Sixzero Flybridge and the Eightzero Flybridge. Regardless of size and layout, they all have a clear DNA which Breedendam is determined to retain at all times and on all yachts.

While the designs will evolve over time to meet changing client demands, the features that make the brand stand out will always be visible. These include the powerful hull shapes based on the MTB, the combination of two-tone colours, the instantly recognisable window shapes and the characteristic windshield.