Exceptional speed

The VQ55 Sports Line is a sensational center console yacht with a stepped hull, designed and styled by Guido de Groot. The performance is phenomenal. No other lifestyle sports yacht similar in size, is capable to outperforming the VQ55’s speed.

Our Design studio and the engineers of Vanquish Yachts went to work on stretching the VQ40 to a VQ55, devising a sensational centre-console boat. Twin 1200 horsepower diesels with waterjets will have the VQ55 riding the waves at 50+ knots and she also be able to head into very shallow waters and beach up on the sand. Moreover, waterjets are also known to be the safest propulsion system for swimmers.

In addition, Vanquish created a stepped hull outboard version which is developed mainly for the US and Middle East markets. This will open up the potential for a Veloce model and with four or five Mercury V12 600hp outboard engines her speed will be over 70 knots!

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