25 years and… a bit

Ouch, I totally forgot. Last year I should have celebrated 25 years of Guido de Groot Design. Okay, we’ll do it this year. Here is the “25 YEARS AND A BIT”!

Throughout this year, I will post a series of episodes in which I will run together with you those 25 years, as well as the period leading to the start of the company. From my car design background, my first attempts to design yachts, actual setting up of the company, some projects including the design process, up to where we are now.
I hope you will enjoy those episodes.

To warm you up, I show you already one of my very early yacht design pencil sketches (dated from July 1988) and an illustration painted with Ecoline ink I’ve made 33 years ago.

Episode #2
ArtCenter College of Design

As strange as it might sound, it was never my intention as a student to become a yacht designer. Car design and airplanes were my passion.

I’ve studied car design at the ArtCenter College of Design. During the study, the activity I’ve enjoyed the most was clay modelling. It is the best way to understand shapes and how they develop.

Here are some pictures from my early clay models; and yes, that nerdy-looking guy is me 35 years ago.

The yellow car was my graduation project. It is a Citroën off-road sports car, inspired by the Citroën Paris Dakar rally raid successes at the time. You might notice a boaty trimaran look to it. As a keen glider pilot and airplane lover, I have also designed my own little airplane.

In the next episode about my 25 years and a bit journey I will tell you more about how I actually got into designing yachts.