Serenitas. "It's life Jim, but not as we know it"
Hogewoerd 122, 2311 HT Leiden, The Netherlands

September 06, 2016

Every now and then as a studio we are able to take on a project that is quite unconventional. It is one of the aspects of our job that makes it so interesting. Serenitas is one such project. Serenitas' interior is a real departure from the Guido de Groot Design office in terms of her design language, but the studio was happy to boldly go where they had not been before...

Describing her interior poses a little challenge. Guido admits that the studio sought inspiration from the interiors of the very first series of Star Trek, a popular science fiction TV programme of the 1970's. "We took a close look at the interior of the original Enterprise space ship, and looked at re-creating some of the retro-futuristic elements." The result is an interior that has modern soft shapes for the furniture with the purpose of making an interior that is friendly in nature. “We also selected light coloured marbles in blue and white to give a fresh and calm feeling, combined with grey and blue leathers and white lacquer finishes.”

The 32m motor yacht is currently being built in Turkey at the Mengi Yay shipyard under the supervision of Yacht Marine. She is to be delivered to her owners in 2017.

Beam us up Scotty.