Hogewoerd 122, 2311 HT Leiden, The Netherlands


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Guido de Groot graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with honors from the Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena (USA) and worked for more than seven years as a car designer in Paris for the French car manufacturer Citroën. He launched Guido de Groot Design in 1997, specializing in innovative interiors and exteriors for both luxury motor and sailing yachts. Much has happened since then...

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Первую премию за интерьерный дизайн в но- минации «Полуводоизмещающие моторные яхты» получила компания Guido de Groot (Ни- дерланды) за яхту Diamond (длина 35.36 м), рас- считанную на размещение 11 гостей и 6 членов экипажа

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